What is a government document?

There are many different kinds of documents published by the Government Publishing Office (GPO) and government agencies. These include (but are not limited to):

  • bills and laws
  • court rulings
  • executive orders
  • congressional hearings
  • codes of regulations
  • reports from federal agencies
  • the Census and other official surveys.

Government documents also include statistics and geospatial information in a number of different areas.

Government documents can be available in a variety of formats: in print, online, on microfilm, or microfiche. Recent documents (since ca. 2000) tend to be available online, but many older documents are not.

At Wimberly Library, we offer government documents in both print and online formats. These can be found in the library catalog. 

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Answered by Lawrence Mello
last updated: Jul 20, 2023