Why am I being asked to sign into a database or electronic journal, or pay for an article?

You are asked to sign into a database or electronic journal because most online library resources are restricted by license to current FAU students, faculty, and staff.

If you encounter this message while off campus, it is possible you were not authenticated when you started your search or we do not have it in our collection.

To troubleshoot: 

  • Have you signed in via OpenAthens? 
    • Off campus, sign into a link provided on our library resources page then navigate to your article. 
    • Or, if you are off campus and on a site that was *not* routed through a library link, look for an option to sign in via an "institutional log in." 
    • For visuals and a video: OpenAthens How to Use support page
  • Use Primo OneSearch for a title search. 
    • Run your title through with quotation marks ( "example title search").
  • Place an ILL request for the material if both steps above does not yield your article. 
  • When in doubt, reach out to a librarian! 

If you are logged in and try to access a journal article but are asked to pay for it, it typically is because FAU libraries does not have access to that resource. For questions, please email

If you are affiliated with the College of Medicine, and you have questions regarding ILL or are still experiencing a problem with the article access, contact the department at 

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Answered by Lawrence Mello
last updated: Aug 03, 2023