Are there any resources for online training on various subjects?

Yes, FAU has subscribed to:

  • LinkedIn Learning - LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform assisting active FAU students, faculty, and staff to discover and develop skills through an online library of high-quality expert-led videos and courses. It has unique insights and will provide a more personalized learning experience with instructional content relevant to your professional interests and goals.

FAU Libraries has subscribed to:

  • O'Reilly for Higher Education - O'Reilly contains books, audio books, videos, case studies, curated courses, and more concerning tech, business, and professional development. Includes resources from more than 200 respected publishers, such as McGraw-Hill, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, HarperCollins. Formerly Safari Books Online.
  • PrepSTEP for Colleges and Universities - PrepSTEP contains practice tests, tutorials, e-books, articles, and flashcards on subjects such as computer skills, career preparation, and college success. Also featured are test preparation materials for the GRE, CLEP, TEOFL, LSAT, MCAT, among others. Student Tech Fee Funded for 3 years of access (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2025).
  • SAGE Business Skills - SAGE Business Skills helps students develop and practice real-world skills to transition from campus to the modern workplace through interactive self assessment, virtual scenarios, downloadable data, and expert insights. Supporting a range of courses, a self-guided journey to gain career-ready skill sets for professional success.
  • SAGE Skills Student Success - SAGE Skills Student Success helps students develop and practice academic and personal skills for transition to campus life and enable lifelong learning. This resource includes over 1000 skill topics across ten modules, through self assessments, interactive scenarios, downloadable exercises, original videos, and more.

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Answered by Lawrence Mello
last updated: Sep 20, 2023