What kind of call number system is used at FAU Libraries and how do I use it?

Call numbers are the letters and numbers shown on the spine and/or covers of the books in the FAU Libraries. At FAU Libraries, call numbers are based on one of two classification systems:

Library of Congress Classification (LC)
Most of our books and periodicals have call numbers based on this system. The LC call number is a combination of letters and numbers looking something like this: HA1252 .A52

This series of letters and numbers helps you locate items on the shelves. You can refer to the directories in the buildings and by the elevators to identify the area where a book is located. Search for the alphabetical portion of the call number first, then follow the numbers along the shelf to find the item. 

The first group of letters and numbers signifies the subject of the book. This is important to know when you go to the shelf. If you browse the shelves around a book for which you have a call number, you may find other books related to your research interest.

Superintendent of Documents Classification (SuDoc)
This system is used in the Government Documents area of the library to classify documents published by the United States Government Printing Office. Like LC, materials with SuDoc numbers are shelved in alphanumerical order, but the SuDoc call number looks something like this: I 29.6/6:F 75/988

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Answered by Lawrence Mello
last updated: Jul 20, 2023